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Discover our unique approach…
a refreshingly different experience

When you choose Matick, you will benefit not only from our 20 years’ experience in the manpower placement sector and our highly advantageous rates, but also from our approach that sets itself apart from the competition.

We know your market, and we understand its fine points.

Our manpower consultants are tradespersons who have already worked in the field and are therefore able to fully understand your needs.

We are proactive.

Despite our impressive bank of more than 3000 résumés, we are continually recruiting so as to be able to have access to the best candidates in the market. This means that when you call us, we will have employees to refer to you who are both available and competent.

We provide you with manpower tailored to your needs.

Our ever-thorough pre-screening and pre-selection process allows us to establish a precise match between the candidates and your requirements and refer self-sufficient, reliable and stable employees to you…employees who fully correspond to your requirements.

We present your offer to the candidates.

In this way, we ensure not only that the employees who agree to join your team are genuinely motivated to work within it, but also that they will more readily become integrated and their performance more quickly optimal.

We have an excellent retention of personnel.

We show all of our candidates the utmost consideration and respect and offer them, in particular, interesting employee benefits, training, a budget for their work cloth, rewards and replace, at our cost, any tools broken in the workplace. They are proud to belong to the Matick team and have the opportunity to be placed with your company.

As well, in choosing our services, you are freeing your company of the management and administration of this personnel since we assume entire responsibility (pay, CSST, etc.).

Simplify life. Entrust your search for candidates to Matick, the leader in specialized manpower placement.

Contact us today to make a request for candidates.